Annie Radzus, I am...

  • Akashic Records Channel & Teacher

  • Spiritual Intuitive

  • Shamanic Practitioner

  • Medium

  • Evolutionary Astrologer

  • Blessing Giver

 Annie is a dedicated and passionate about  her work. She is an energy worker. She sees, feel, can interpret and shift the energy.  She brings her passion to all that she does. Studying and growing, always a teacher and a student. Dedicated to her client’s empowerment. This a uplifting experience when Annie’s uses her skills as a Psychic Medium and as Channel for her  beloved Akashic  Records. Her continuing  studies have brought in  Shamanic Practitioner and Evolutionary Astrologer all in service of the deep quest to understand her and your Soul’s Purpose for being here.  It is about empowering, informing and shining the light on you and your best choices. She always serves her clients with the utmost integrity. In person, on the phone, at an expo or on the radio Annie delivers her message of perspective and hope with her well-known compassionate candor peppered with a pinch of infectious personality.

She’s known for her uncanny, laser-sharp, intuitive insights – she can bring global audiences ranging from private clients, to her classes or her listeners to tears and laughter because it is all healing and hopeful.

Annie’s clients include business professionals, entrepreneurs, and other psychic and mediums. She isn’t just an “intuitive” or “coach”, but a powerful navigator – Annie has the ability to weave her strong connection with the Akashic Records to understand and share your Soul’s BluePrint  and Soul choices for this life with her  skills as Shamanic Practitioner to be a hollow bone to allow spirit to move through her. She uses her skills as a medium to connect with your ancestral energy, your teachers(helping spirits) and your power animals to shift your energetic vibration to a more empowered space of clarity and connection. Woven in this amazing mix is her ability as a Spiritual Intuitive to see and hear for the nitty-gritty questions of everyday  life.

Annie can help you navigate it all for your highest and best choices

If you’re ready to move past everything that’s been holding you back, become fully motivated and empowered, and experience the strength in being truly seen – your journey begins here.


Let me share on one of my favorites quotes:

We are not meant to stay wounded. We are supposed to move through our tragedies and challenges and to help each other move through the many painful episodes of our lives. By remaining stuck in the power of our wounds, we block our own transformation. We overlook the greater gifts inherent in our wounds – the strength to overcome them and the lessons that we are meant to receive through them. Wounds are the means through which we enter the hearts of other people. They are meant to teach us to become compassionate and wise.”

Work With Annie

Enter here to view services I am offering. Intuitive Channeling, Akashic Records  Vibrational Alignment Sessions and Soul Retrievals 


Come see Annie Live and in person. Check her schedule to see if she will be at a location near you. 

Soul Juice Radio

Annies Soul Juice Radio! Listen and participate. See our schedule for live-on-the-air broadcasts and call in to join us or access the archives.

Why Choose Annie?

If you’re ready for a change in your life, prepared to go deeper than you’ve ever gone and to go higher than you’ve thought possible – you’ve come to the right place. Annie’s work is laser-focused with precision and love. Clear, insightful, and empowering is the way Annie lives her life and the way she coaches others to live.

What makes Annie’s work as a medium different from that of others?

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She is a direct dial medium- a rare gift, give her a name and the relationship with the other and she will connect with them

Why the Akashic Records with Annie?

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Years of loving experience with The Akashic Records, she serves with grace and clarity with them. She does live expos with her strong, loving connection to the Records, and brings the love and insight clearly to you, to grace you with the wisdom of your soul.

What is the difference between phone and in person session?

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It all works the same, Annie is voice activated, which means all she needs is your voice to connected with you and your loved ones or to channel from the Akashic Records. Almost all her sessions are phone with people as far away as India. So the only difference is in person you get a hug from Annie.

“Hi Annie!
I absolutely loved my appointment. My confidence and energy had been faltering for a few weeks prior to speaking with you. After the appointment I felt so renewed and excited about the future. You helped me to see my intentions more clearly and trust my own intuition. I also really appreciated that you gave me things to work on and specific ways to do it. I can’t wait until next time, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later.

Thank you very much,

Thank you for your unsolicited rave reviews...

I absolutely LOVED my session with Annie! She is beyond gifted. Her information was very accurate, clear, potent, and relate able. She was very generous with her gifts and her time. I’m so thankful I got to this intuitive experience. A.S.
Thank you for honoring us with your presence and messages on platform at HGSA. You are strong with spirit and a very valuable light worker. Please keep “spreading’ the light. Rev. Arlene – California
The whole reading was just mind blowing. I say without reservation you are as tuned in as John Edwards. Your delivery while very detailed and accurate, is very loving. You restored my contact to my soul and helped Rick establish his. Debbie & Rick- Arizona
I wanted to thank you for the readings you have done for Tom and I. You have been a great help especially to me. I liked your energy from the first time I met you. Diana- California
Thank you for coming into my life and spreading your joy. Your teachings and healing’s have been such a blessing. You have been a bright light, shinning on some of the darkest waters of my journey. And holding my hand when I felt most alone. You helped restored my strength. You are forever in my heart. Rhonda – North ...
Those who are given gifts for caring about people can become jaded. Annie is not one of those people. Annie laughs with you, cries with you and supports you thru some very tough terrain in life. There is a deep understanding of you and Spirit, by Annie to facilitate growth, comfort and the new lessons of working thru your ...
Hi Annie, I had a reading with you at the Faire on Saturday in Irvine. I just wanted to take a minute to thank you for the amazing reading you did! You gave me fantastic advice and guidance. I was really impressed with how you were able to take the info you were given by spirit and give me ...
Annie, Your are a beautiful ray of light and you have guided me through many dark situations. You have touched so many lives with your amazing talents that you deserve Blessings for many, many lives to come! Love, Ali P – Vista, Ca
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