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The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant...

– Albert Einstein

“Annie has a rare gift of being authentically connected to spirit. I told her nothing but my name and she immediately connected to me. It is rare to meet a truly gifted individual who has dedicated their life to offering Guidance to all of us. Thank you Annie for sharing your beautiful gift with us.” – Brandon G.

Annie will connect with you and your life with clear spot-on insight and clarity for all the nitty-gritty questions and stuck places in your everyday life. As an Expert with clear insight into relationships, career and best choices, she bring her clients clear information and guidance.  During your session she will bring information of where you are energetically. Your responsibility is to confirm whether or not what she is saying makes sense.

Annie will ask you what you want to look at, cover, or understand during the session. You’ll be able to ask questions about any part of your life, about your relationships with the people in your life, about challenges you are facing and more. Annie is not a fortune teller. She will receive information on the most likely direction for an event or occurrence. Because she believes in free will (you can direct your future at any time based on the decisions you make and the energetic thought patterns you hold) she prefers instead to help you understand why something is heading in a certain direction. This is not a mediumship reading. When you are ready to leap forward take the leap here and now… have a session with Annie.

Depth of Wisdom and Joy

The experiences, the love, the struggles, the blocks, the lessons, knowledge, the gifts and talents that your soul has accumulated over a vast and endless experiences on this earth.



Bring your questions, your concerns, your struggles…

The Akashic Records are more than souls’ experience: they contain the spiritual wisdom to live fully with love, in the present. Unlike a psychic reading, an Akashic Record Reading is read from a much broader set of data, often called your “Book of Life”—this is your soul’s entire life.

A psychic reading typically provides a prediction regarding one possible future. It is just one possible outcome of actions isn’t always useful (no matter how accurate it may be). You make the decisions in your life, you are empowered by free will, and so no particular future is EVER set in stone. An Akashic Record Reading considers ALL of the possibilities, concentrates on what elements YOU can change, and then leads you to the best possible outcome.

In an Akashic Record Reading, you’ll get clear information about blocks and patterns and what will guide you forward. Shifting beliefs and thoughts can often be challenging on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical level. It can take months or even longer to authentically achieve. These Guides being channeled—known as your Record Keepers—they can be asked a specific question by you, which in turn “unlocks” specific answers and information. Annie will help you have clarity with your questions if you are not sure!


I can do nothing for you but work on myself. You can do nothing for me but work on yourself.

-Ram Dass


If you are ready to move past everything that has been holding you back your journey begins here.  Work with Annie to help shift your energetic blocks. Experience the strength in being truly seen helping you to become fully motivated and empowered.

Annie and the wisdom of the Akashic Records will help you transform what you crave into reality. The energetic shift work begins here. Break through your old patterns and beliefs. Enhance the partnership between your heartfelt values and your natural abilities, liberating you to be your most authentic self in the world!


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Your a beautiful ray of light and you have guided me through many dark situations. You have touched so many lives with your amazing talents! – Love, Ali P – Vista, Ca