Akashic Records and their Wisdom

Akashic Records and their Wisdom

Annie is a teacher and a Channel for the Akashic Records

Do you have your own GPS system?
Do you understand it and know how it works?

Annie, Debbie and the Wisdom of the Akashic Records. We will begin with Akashic Activation to connect each person with the Records. Annie then will talk about the Records and the journey of going deeper into the wisdom and clarity of your soul’s journey. The Records are so present and interactive in this current space of our lives, not just past lives but right here and now.

Annie will take questions from the audience and let the RecordKeepers channel through her their wisdom for you. Debbie will do crystal casting and essentials oil oracle segments. And we will talk about our Akashic Webinar coming soon.

We hope to share, empower, empower and just have fun.
You can use the chat room to ask general questions that we will answer
We will be talking tonight about your intuition and how to connect
Come join the fun of the beginning of a new adventure.