Akashic Record Reading vs. Psychic Reading

Unlike a psychic reading, an Akashic Record Reading is read from a much broader set of data, often called your “Book of Life”—this is your soul’s entire life. That’s a lot of info! But out of all the possibilities that exist, there is a bounty of useful information that can guide you to your highest and best outcome. This is what you can access through your reading.

A psychic reading typically provides a prediction regarding one possible future. But because it is just one possible outcome of actions that you may or may not take, it isn’t always useful (no matter how accurate it may be). After all, you make the decisions in your life, you are empowered by free will, and so no particular future is EVER set in stone. The future is forever yours to create! An Akashic Record Reading considers ALL of the possibilities, concentrates on what elements YOU can change, and then it steers you to the best possible outcome; the rest is in your hands.

Ever notice how psychic readings don’t typically tell you how to get to a possible outcome? In an Akashic Record Reading, you’ll get clear information about block, patterns and what will move you forward. Keep in mind, shifting beliefs and thoughts can often be challenging on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical level. It can take months or even longer to authentically achieve. Your soul understands long term goals and outcomes.

These Guides being channeled—known as your Record Keepers—they can be asked a specific question by you, which in turn “unlocks” specific answers and information. However, a general question usually gets a general answer:

No worries Annie will help with you have clarity with your questions if you are not sure