Endings and Beginnings


So, do you speak your truth? Do you know your truth? Do you live your truth? It can all be so uncomfortable, not easy to be authentic sometimes, we all want people to like us, it is a survival technique, we survive if the tribe likes us. So very old programming. We all have our stories of our wounds, why we can’t grow up, why we can’t be responsible, why are are over responsible or can’t have fun or why we are co-dependent with others, or can’t commit or can’t let go. We get on the same old wooden horse and take the same old ride again and again. Safe, good to be safe, that is what we have been told.

But what changes, what happens when we let go of the victim story or my parents did it story? How can things change when we see it all as a experience and take the nugget of wisdom from it, put it in our pocket and move forward with it. And thank our teachers that taught us something valuable often in a hard way. Getting off the old ride and taking the first step is the fool’s journey, the first card of the tarot or the last in the major arcane.

We all are required to do this, leave our familiar stories and patterns and go out and search for our true selves, but we humans so resist this. And those that have fail to take this step will tell us it is to scary, they will tell us scary fairy tales to hold us back. This is the Devil Card in the tarot deck the fear that binds us to the old and familiar. I constantly find each time I do the work to change and grow, a little bit more of the magic of my true self shows up, and the world is a lighter place. Oh yes, it is scary to stand up to our fears and stories, and the chatter in our minds, those flying monkeys are so tricky. So as this year’s ends, where are you holding on to the old stories, are you just going around and around on the same stuck ride and not knowing why.

We are magical beings us humans, time to throw the shackles off, let go of the old and start taking the first step out of our comfort zone, the road will not be easy but it can be magical. we are so much more then we often allow ourselves to be. Where is your magic hiding? So, to new adventures of the heart and to the wisdom of our higher selves.