Wolf Moon Jan 2022

The Wolf Moon.
The first full moon of the year is gracing our skies on Jan 17th at 8:51 pm Mst in the sign of Cancer with the sun conjunct Pluto and with the moon out of bounds its very emotional, people and things could blow up. Use compassion on yourself and others but hold your boundaries. This is a deeply sensitive lunation, watch for power struggles, it also is urging us to find peace within our emotional bodies and nurture ourselves the way we need to. This is the perfect moon of Divine Feminine, soft, and strong within our tribe. Supporting of women and honoring your tribe, your ancestors, and owning your intuition.
The moon is the ruler of the sign of Cancer, the planet of our inner world. And because this lunation is taking place in its home sign, it’s an especially powerful time to align with the attributes of action and water. We have the symbol of the wolf with the cancer moon. Wolfs run in packs and protect and take care of their furry tribe. And the Cancer represent our Divine Mother Energy. The Full Moon represents the culmination of growth. Think of the waxing and waning moons as the increase and decrease of the same energy. Just as the tides ebb and flow, so does the lunar energy. The Full Moon, then, is a time when the lunar body is at ‘high tide’.
Cancer is a cardinal water sign. Cardinal signs, as I’ve mentioned before, are motivators. They formulate new ideas and chase after inspiration, leading the charge into new beginnings regularly. Water signs, on the other hand, are soft, fluid, intuitive, and receptive. By combining the energy of these qualities, we can understand that Cancer is a creative. It is nurturing, feminine, and even psychic, but also knows how to stand its ground. Cancer is protective, making it the ultimate Mother-figure of the zodiac. So, take part in rituals with other woman, placing a beautiful container of water on your altar, asking the Divine Goddess to reveal more of your path this year. What are you still creating, giving birth to? Steep yourself in the energy of the stars and the Starmothers, soak in their wisdom and love and let yourself blossom.
You are the Goddess. Put your hand over your heart and say aloud, “I am not alone.” Your ancestors walked before you and we, your sisters on this cosmic quest, walk with you.”
― Abiola Abrams, African Goddess Initiation: Sacred Rituals for Self-Love, Prosperity, and Joy

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