Mercury Retro Jan 2022

Happy Mercury Retro
The first Mercury Retrograde of 2022 begins with the Pre-Shadow in Capricorn on December 29, 2021, at 1:29 am PST.
Mercury goes Retrograde in Aquarius (10º 20′) on January 14, 2022, at 3:41 am PST.
The Direct Station occurs in Capricorn (24º 23′) on February 4, 2022, at 4:13 am Universal Time, and on February 3 at 11:47 pm EST and 8:47 pm PST.
Mercury ends the Post-Shadow on Feb 24 in Aquarius at 6:01 am Universal Time, 1:01 am EST and 10:01 pm PST on April 25.
The purpose of my writing is to share a different perspective of Mercury Retrograde. We will have 3 Mercury Retrogrades this year and all will be in the air element, all about communication, speaking, talking, connecting.
Right now, Mercury Retrograde is talked about like something out of Grims’ fairy tales, that we scare ourselves about the retrograde. The sky is falling and then we sell t-shirts and coffee cups with Mercury Retrograde on them, promoting it as dire time. Kind of like Chicken Little. We should run and hide from it, but we can’t get on the plane or train to hide.
So, Mercury Retro will happen 3 times this year all in the air element. So, Mercury Retrograde is about enquiring about the data of the functioning of our lives. It is about thinking out of the box, being present with the moment. It can push you to find the answer. What haven’t you been taking care of? So, let’s say you are doing too much caring for another person at the expense of your self-care. And yes, you are aware of the problem but keep putting off dealing with it, avoiding communication and now suddenly you must deal with it. The process to move forward will require you to find a new way to think about it, talk about it and maybe reorganizing your process about it. And the great news is Aquarius loves to think outside of the box, and to pour knowledge into the world so that it will help. It is about trying something new, getting out of your comfort zone and being very present in the process. It will need action to move forward, so make the choice, liberate yourself in a creative way!
I have bought many things; I have travel and I have moved during Mercury Retrograde and the sky never falls.
It may be a crisis in your thinking that you will have to address but Mercury in Aquarius is all about the new way, reinventing yourself. So let the new show up.

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