Fire Moon February 2022

February 16th at 9:56 am Mst the Sun is 27 Aquarius 59 and the Moon is 27 Leo 59.
So, this exciting moon is full of fire, passion, energy, romance and creating new thought around all of that. Break free and follow your inspiration. Allow yourself to be creative and shine your love and light. This is a powerful moon; Leo is the fire and Aquarius is the air. The fire and air of this full moon can lead to being inspire to new heights and thinking and feeling in balance. Just be aware other people may be somewhat ready to confront easily. The sun and moon right are in fixed signs, not easy for change, but the Aquarius Sun is pushing for breakthroughs
Be grounded, focusing yourself, prioritize. Saturn in Aquarius is opposing the Leo Sun. And a happy rejoining of the divine feminine (Venus and masculine Mars. Venus and Mars dance together and so it is a romance, and the Leo moon is excellent at that. Allow it to about out of the box creatively, try new things, play with possibilities, being inspiring and courageous. This full moon is about balance with friends and lovers. Are you inner feminine and masculine energy in balance, do you know how to dance with it?
The desire to create is one of the deepest yearnings of the human soul.” — Dieter F. Uchtdorf

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