Aries New Moon April 1st 2022

New Moon in Aries
The new moon is on Friday April 1st, 2022,
The energy of Aries New Moon is starting to roll in. The new moon is setting between Mercury and Chiron. Taking the good from the past and now shifting our attention to a new adventuring way. The energy of April is fascinating, such highs and lows. Are we dreaming or fighting?
I kept getting Peter Pan flying with his dreams, magic and his adventure to the Stars. Chiron will bring our attention to what still needs to heal.
Good time to write and journal about what changes we would like to make to the organization of our life. Aries likes to leap off the cliff to a new adventure. Letting go of pain that Chiron brings up. Taking flight in our dreams that we have been planning. Are you Ready?
April 4th can be a tough day so be chilled. And then April 10th -12TH Neptune and Jupiter dance in sky, these old friends haven’t been in Pisces in Conjunction since 1856.
This Jupiter Neptune conjunction which means connected in Pisces unlocks the door that has been hidden. New views, new dreams, and creativity.
And then there is the spiritual awakening that this energy holds.
Allow yourself to connect with Divine Feminine and know you are co-creators with the divine. The old patriarchy is gasping, and their old ways are dying, it is not about violence or war, but we may see even more of it.
With mercury and Chiron holding space in the new moon, it is about finding our way to non- violence and heartful honest communication (Mercury) connecting with our neighbors and communities with peace.
Perfect time to set an altar, go on an adventure, release your old stuff that no longer serves you at all. How do you inspire people around you? Step into your wisdom and compassion. We are helping people through education and our actions. We are the seers, the healers, the teachers here to hold the space of shift.
So, beware of high emotions with people and triggering water events.

John Lennon
Imagine all the people
Livin’ life in peace.
You may say I am a dreamer
But I am not the only one.
I hope someday you’ll join us

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