The Gemini Full Moon on Dec 3rd 2017 with a Jupiter Trine to Neptune and a Full Moon square to Neptune and a Mercury Retrograde on Dec 3rd 2017 starts on December 3 at 11° Virgo and ends on December 22 at 28° Leo. With this retrograde station right next to Saturn. This is a lot of energy going on here. Whew. Practice breathing. Hold on to reality and don’t buy into it all. Gemini is a lot of communication, avoid gossip and double check everything. Picture the used car salesman. If traveling like me expect delays and frustrations, allow more time and bring your sense of humor. Your feelings and thinking may swing between enthusiasm and pessimism, where is your balance? The moon square Neptune will call for action but be aware of reaction, you may find yourself sad and confused and with the holidays that is right on track for those missing loved ones. Take a break. Light a candle. Say a prayer, ask for signs of love and connection. Include your ancestors with pictures or favorite memories You may overdo and overbook and then find you don’t have the energy for it all. The Jupiter trine to Neptune can bring faith and hope which is good but feet on the ground is necessary. It can be a really good time to study or research something. I am using my time to delve deep into evolutionary astrology which is about soul purpose and growth and learn everything I can. We as a whole are being asked to get real, get honest and delve deep into our beliefs but not the religious doctrines, understanding on a personal level with responsibly (Saturn) and faith in each other (Jupiter trine to Neptune) to engage with truth and kindness. Tis the season of love.

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