Leaning into the new moon in Scorpio today, being in Chicago is helping with the rain and gray. Perfect weather for going deep within. Sun, Moon, Venus and Jupiter all in this deep watery sign of Scorpio with Neptune in Pisces. You may find you can deeper then ever into your dreams and fears. We are heading into a Mercury Retrograde soon. All this supporting energy to review and learn from this year before 2018 moves in. So a really good time to start growing new dreams and visions, not action yet, but planting time.. What is the vision for your life and how much of the past can you love and heal to move you forward. The energy at this time is supporting your big deep dreaming, going to the hidden treasure of your soul and connecting to your inner guidance and wisdom. That small voices that whispers your soul’s plan and hopes. listen, it is a quiet voice, a small voice that can grow stronger with love and attention. What is that voice saying to you today. hear it, there it is, creative heart with vision and wisdom, it is there today!!

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