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Evolutionary Astrology is an illuminating soul-centered lens through which healing perspective and understanding can be found in relation to one’s karmic or ancestral past, present life experiences and soul’s deepest intentions for evolution. Evolutionary Astrology is grounded in the belief that human beings are dynamic creatures; we all have the capacity to heal, regenerate and evolve. An astrological reading serves as a revolutionary and practical guide to unconditionally support you in understanding and truly living your fullest potential, as an individual and as part of a collective. Delving deeply into one’s birth chart sheds great light on the unique combination of energies at play within you in this lifetime. These energies consist of higher expressions and lower expressions, and we all have the free will to choose how we relate with and express these energies inherent within us. In an astrological reading, we explore not only the karmic/ancestral past (unresolved energies or patterns) but also the path forward of resolution and healing. We uncover the choices available to you in embodying your soul’s highest evolutionary intentions.
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Annie is a midwife between you and spirit. Connecting you to your highest outcome. She brings all her tools to these sessions. They are interactive, empowering, and transformative. This session is predictive and descripted 

Did you know that our energetic and physical bodies hold the timeline of our lives? Listening to the story that your body tells can be the road map to vitality and health . In a Medical Intuitive Session I will look at all areas of your body – your physical and emotional body. In addition, I will look at your energetic body which includes your aura and chakras. Our energetic field holds our personal experiences with pain, heartbreak or trauma. I will look at your timeline and see where the energy is stuck.

What Happens During a Session?

There is nothing for you to do to prepare for a session except to show up with an open and curious mind. I will scan your body and review all findings with you right then and there. As an Psychic Medium, I receive information from your or my spirit guides, ancestors and your energy. Often during sessions a healing is offered which will allow you to leave the session with the understanding and releasing of a blocked and stuck energy that is an old vibrational pattern of being out of alignment.

What Can a session with me help with?

Chronic pain
Just feeling off and don’t know why
Feelings of overwhelm
Calming anxiety and depression
Fatigue and/or insomnia
Clearing out stuck energy
Removing spirits and cords
Allergies – food and environmental
Relationship concerns
Beliefs and patterns

During a session we may discover blocks you didn’t even know where there! This is the beauty of working with together. The walls come down and the healing takes place.

The word “Akasha” is a Sanskrit word that means” primary substance” one of the five elements  our universe is composed. The Akashic Records is an energetic library that holds information pertaining to each Soul’s journey through time.

In the reading of your Akashic Records, you will be given insights from your collective soul memory patterns.  They contain all your experiences, thoughts and feelings from all your lifetimes, past, present, and future! These records have been imprinted in a universal energetic field and are kept sacred by beings called the Lords of the Records.  In your reading you ask questions about your life, and the Lords of the Records will answer these questions through me as an open channel. You may experience a shift in your awareness as the healing begins and feel a complete healing in an area of your life as the session continues.

In preparation, please write down your questions to present.

The deeper your questions the deeper the answers are. People ask how many lifetimes have I have, does  knowing the amount serve you in some way? probably not. The question of what am I working in this life that I wasn’t able to heal or complete in another life? is the deeper question. Name of your soul group not much useful information, but what is the lineage and purpose of my soul group ahh much more deeper information. So thinking and asking the deeper questions  will bring you to the deeper experience.

In an Akashic Record Reading, you’ll get clear information about blocks and patterns and what will guide you forward. Shifting beliefs and thoughts can often be challenging on an emotional, mental, spiritual, or even physical level. It can take months or even longer to authentically achieve. These Guides being channeled—known as your Record Keepers—they can be asked a specific question by you, which in turn “unlocks” specific answers and information.

Annie Radzus and Tuning Fork Body

Tuning Forks can be used to bypass defense mechanisms. This allows individuals to tune inward and reach core issues of feelings and emotions.

We store up life experiences as energy patterns in our auras. Negative energy patterns can create blockages that interrupt the flow of energy, making us feel drained. Tuning Forks can help to release the stagnation and help to boost the energy flow to optimize vitality and health.

Even if you feel as though you are in optimum health a tuning fork session may still give a boost. Every session is unique for each individual. Moment by moment mankind continues to evolve physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Our energies are constantly shifting and the results of each tuning fork session will vary.

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Annie will connect with you and your life with clear spot-on insight and clarity for all the nitty-gritty questions and stuck places in your everyday life. As an Expert with clear insight into relationships, career and best choices, she bring her clients clear information and guidance.

During your session she will bring information of where you are energetically. Your responsibility is to confirm whether or not what she is saying makes sense. Annie will ask you what you want to look at, cover, or understand during the session. You’ll be able to ask questions about any part of your life, about your relationships with the people in your life, about challenges you are facing and more.

Annie is not a fortune teller. She will receive information on the most likely direction for an event or occurrence.

Because she believes in free will (you can direct your future at any time based on the decisions you make and the energetic thought patterns you hold) she prefers instead to help you understand why something is heading in a certain direction. This is not a mediumship reading.

When you are ready to leap forward take the leap here and now… have a session with Annie!

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Linda C. says: “Annie, I can’t thank you enough for the awesome reading. I’m still floating on air and walking around with a big smile after the contact with my precious baby and so many others on the other side. I have had quite a few readings but never were they so filled with such valuable and accurate information. I thank God every day for you and people like you who share your precious gift to help us heal. I will forever hold you in my prayers and will be a ‘regular’ and very grateful client. It is such an amazing feeling to know that my son is really just a phone call away! With love and gratitude, Linda”

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“Your a beautiful ray of light and you have guided me through many dark situations. You have touched so many lives with your amazing talents!” ~ Love, Ali P – Vista, Ca