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What is the difference between a Psychic and a Medium?

This is an excellent question. Although they’re often assumed to be the same, psychics and mediums receive input from different sources. Psychics interpret information from the energy around people, places, and things here on the earth plane. Mediums, on the other hand, relay information, evidential details, and specific messages received from a distinct, recognizable person in spirit. So Psychics perceive, and Mediums receive.

Can I have a conversation with my loved ones through Annie?

Annie is able to have a conversation with the other side, and thus, will bring forth evidence which will allow you to know the connection.  Annie delivers specific messages in a straightforward way with sensitivity and humor.

What makes Annie’s work different than other Mediums?

The accuracy of Annie’s work is well documented, and she is consulted as an expert in her field. Annie delivers specific messages in a forthright, sensitive, and down-to-earth way. She is not only compassionate, but brings a sense of humor to her work.

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What if I want to speak with one particular person who has passed?

Annie’s provides the opportunity for spirit to come through. No one can make a spirit show up.  But your loved ones are waiting to connect and are just as excited as you are at the chance for communication.

Is there a language barrier when reading the spirit?

Absolutely, there are no language barriers in heaven. Translation is only necessary on earth, thats where the Medium come in.

What does a private session entail?

Private Sessions are a half-hour or hour done by phone or in person, taping is allowed.  Private session are for singles or couples related by blood or marriage.  During a session there will be time for questions after the messages from the loved ones.

Can mediums predict the future?

Many people ask this. Even spirit cannot interfere in free-will. But they will give messages to show they are aware of what is going on in your life. They often come through with information concerning the topics you are concern with and they will offer advice and loving support.

Can anyone communicate with spirits?

Annie’s is a great supporter of everyone’s ability to connect with spirit. She feels we all came in with this as a birthright. She loves to teach and help people develop this amazing ability. She teaches to honor her teachers that open up this amazing gift for her. It is one of her favorite things to do, help people find the connection. She considers herself to be a cheerleader for her clients.

Can I record my session?

Of course you can, just come prepared.

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