Carol on Akashic Records

Liked your energy the first time we met…

Annie’s reading of my Akashic records was spot on!!! Her clarity, attunement and ability to translate is unmatched in my experience! I also appreciate her knowledge base which she continually expands on through experiential learning and formal education. Her sincere commitment to this work is helpful and reassuring, especially during these times.

A.S. on Akashic Records

I absolutely LOVED my session with Annie!

She is beyond gifted. Her information was very accurate, clear, potent, and relate able. She was very generous with her gifts and her time. I’m so thankful I got to this intuitive experience.

Akashic Records

The Akashic Records hold the divine blueprint of our perfection and all the lifetimes we have journeyed through, the experiences, the love, the struggles, the blocks, the lessons, knowledge, the gifts and talents that your soul has accumulated over a vast and endless experiences on this earth. The Akashic...