Tuning Forks- Healing and Shifting Webinar

tuning fork body


Solfeggio Tuning forks … this webinar is to support each person to receive an upgrade in your vibration, positive outlook, stress relief, and love expansion 🙂





Spirit Talk- Online Mediumship Webinar

Starting Jan 29th 2020 6pm to 8pm Ca time, total of 4 Wednesdays

Join Annie a premier teacher of connection. We will dive deep into how connection and medumship works and flows. How to be a great medium! Or just how to deepen your connection for yourself.

Practice Required- small class 8 people total allowing everyone to have hands on time with Annie

Cost $99 you can sign up on this website

Akashic Records Webinar


Annie will open the Records of the group, explore the wisdom for the times and take individual questions of the participant just like she does at the Expos.

Soak up the Wisdom and Healing Energy of the Akashic Records