Shamanic Journey Webinar -A quest for Grace


Wednesday June 24th -5:00pm-7pm Mst


                Join the Circle- No experience Necessary

No Experience necessary open to all levels.Plenty of time for questions and conversations. Coming together  in Group Energy makes the experience more powerful. Calling in our helpers and teachers and looking for wisdom to move through this time with more grace. Bring something to journal in, headphones are helpful. We will call the Goddesses in.





Shifting Relationships with Sound Medicine - Tuning Forks
April 4th at 12:oopm until 1:00pm California time

An audio event with Annie and Tuning forks, shifting though our energetic fields to shift and release spots of trauma and pain. What is ready to be shifted for you in your relationships space, includes all relationships not just romantic. Sound Medicine is the wave of the future”hear”and now to shift us.
This event will be an hour and $20 you can book online at this website

Tuning Fork Therapy is a gentle, non-invasive acoustic therapy. This sound and vibrational therapy uses solfeggio tuning to help balance the energy of your body. … By moving along specific energy centers, the tones can help smooth out the incoherent patterns to restore a more balanced harmonious state of being.

Akashic Records Webinar

Akashic Records-Being in Your Soul’s Wisdom

June 20th- 12pm -3:00pm Mst Online Webinar- 6 people only- 3 Spots left

$99 book on website

A online webinar to learn how to be in your own Akashic Records and to bring forth guidance, wisdom and healing
Annie is an Advanced Certified Akashic Record Practitioner who has travel the country to connect people with their own Wisdom. The Records call people to them, a beginners mind is welcome A small intimate group so there can be lots of hands on learning time. Feel supported by Annie and the Akashic Records.

The question has been asked by a client can I learn the Akashic Records. The Records are available to everyone by sitting with them and recognizing the flow between you and them. Each of us have our own Record and you have entered that space many times in the space between lives. We are energetically connect to our own Record. It is the process of practicing,listening and letting go of you mind’s answer. The road map to your life is present and accessible with practice.

I have been blessed by the Akashic Records, they showed up in my life 13 years ago. I had no clue what they were about and just thought it would be interesting, haha little did I know. And eventually with their guidance I started doing group work at expos. Allowing people to make their connection with the Akashic Records, to feel them and to see how they operated with love and joy and great wisdom. I am Advanced Certified Practitioner in the Records with a lot of hands on time being in them and helping others to connect with their Soul. No experience is necessary just a desire to connect and sit with this beautiful wisdom