Akashic Records Webinar


April 2017

12 person  only webinar

Learn to connect with your own Akashic Records, tap into your Soul’s Wisdom


Shamanic Journeying to your own Wisdom


Shamanic Journeying to Your Own Inner Wisdom
8 people only

Location: Escondido Ca
$99 for the event if paid by April 21st, $125 after that date
Bring lunch, water, tea and coffee provided

This is the beginig class for the Shamanic Classes I will teach
You may take this class as often as you feel drawn to connect with the support and love of this community. This class is a prerequisite for future  classes.
We will learn how to journey to explore the wealth of information we can obtain from journeying into parallel realities and multidimensions.
I will lead us in a very safe way to become a medium for a helping spirit and how to “see” the world through the eyes of spirit.
Your will journey to connect with your power animal and to receive information that will help you in the now.
Bring something to lie down on, eye cover, a note book or journal and a rattle or drum if you have one.
No refunds within 2 weeks of any workshop date.

Celebrating the Equinox Spirit Circle

Small intimate circle
come experience the Otherside…


Friday March 24th  2017

 6pm -8:30pm


Come share the Magic of the Season of Re-Awakening…Small intimate Spirit Circle tapping into the power of the Equinox for messages of love and support. The circle will be conduct in a darken room.
Messages are often received from loved ones, spirit guides, guardian angels, spirit teachers and inter-dimensional entities; attendees may experience physical phenomena and spirit manifestations. Some participants may find the *Spirit Circle* to be a spiritual, emotional and healing experience.I invite you to bring objects or images of things that inspire you,
10 people only, $50 per person, bring a friend-2 for $90

email Annie at astroannie@msn.com to save your space