Liked your energy the first time we met…

Annie’s reading of my Akashic records was spot on!!! Her clarity, attunement and ability to translate is unmatched in my experience! I also appreciate her knowledge base which she continually expands on through experiential learning and formal education. Her sincere commitment to this work is helpful and reassuring, especially during these times.

Your delivery while very detailed and accurate, is very loving

The whole reading was just mind blowing. I say without reservation you are as tuned in as John Edwards. Your delivery while very detailed and accurate, is very loving. You restored my contact to my soul and helped Rick establish his.

You are strong with spirit…

Thank you for honoring us with your presence and messages on platform at HGSA. You are strong with spirit and a very valuable light worker. Please keep “spreading’ the light.

I absolutely LOVED my session with Annie!

She is beyond gifted. Her information was very accurate, clear, potent, and relate able. She was very generous with her gifts and her time. I’m so thankful I got to this intuitive experience.

The Dive into the Cave of the Divine Feminine

This is a 3-week journey into the cave of the Divine Feminine, going into the underworld to find what holds you there. What is hidden and stuffed into this space us humans don’t like to be in. It is an intense of healing and releasing. Digging through the cave to find your gifts and talents. Look around and see what the Goddess want to gift to you, are you reclaiming your inner knowing, your priestess wisdom. The connection to Egypt and your magic healing arts from there. What is lying hidden waiting for you. And what is calling you that needs to be heal and release.

Shame, guilt, Abuse, lack of power, misuse of power, what is calling you to it. Shifting the old stories and finding your soul’s truth and power. What is the path of your highest calling and what needs to release for you to shine on your path and to light the world in the way your soul calls for you to walk your path? What needs a closer look with love and forgiveness, sit in this space and feel what is calling you. Bring your attention and love there to that pain and let it change into something healed. Is there betrayal, abandonment all the old deep ways you and humanity have suffered. This is such a profound time to do healing, be brave, be courageous take your power back and wield it into the world with love and light. Call on your angels, call on the Ascended Masters call on the Goddess of Old, they are waiting to be invite in to assist with your inner knowing, reclaim it, release the old and let the light shine through you, like a star shining in the dark. This is the voyage and place we are at now. Journey place is excellent. Take a journey, allow someone skill in the arts of healing assist you now. I myself love tuning forks for helping to untangle the knot places in your field. You can hear the tuning shift in sound and get clear and angelic when the shift has happened.

I am offering sessions of shift with tuning forks, where I read the energy and we together hold the space of healing. It is a magical process. I am doing this amazing service in Irvine, email me at astroannie@msn. For more information.

In service



Full Moon Oct 5th 2017 at 12 degrees Aries

This is a quick reacting moon which is about feelings, LOTS OF ENERGY, watch and be aware of reacting with anger to quickly. And it is opposite the Sun in Libra, it will be about we versus me, you versus I. Plus there is a t-square with Pluto. So you can use the power to transform communications in relationships or you can blow them up. We may see more acting out on the world stage, can we handle anymore? So be aware of this energy and look for the balance and use the strong Pluto energy to change it, to transform, the call to action to transform is present in this full moon.. We are the world and we are individuals how do we balance their rights and needs with our rights and needs.

Pray for peace and think and act from a peaceful heart, walk away and breathe if you need to. Use the fire of this full moon to inspire you and to create better relationships starting with yourself. What do you want to change with you? with another? The energy for this shift is being gifted to you with this full moon. So create, inspire, invent, show bravery and leadership with love.