The Akashic Records hold the divine blueprint of our perfection and all the lifetimes we have journeyed through, the experiences, the love, the struggles, the blocks, the lessons, knowledge, the gifts and talents that your soul has accumulated over a vast and endless experiences on this earth. The Akashic Records are more than souls’ past though: they contain the spiritual wisdom to live fully with love, in the present.

You bring your questions and your curiosity and begin exploration of your life with the Records and within this journey of going deeper into the wisdom and clarity of your soul’s journey you will receive great benefits of clear vision and understanding. The Records are so present and interactive in this current space of our lives, not just past lives but right here and now. Each soul has particular experiences it wishes to have in life, and many times relationships, jobs, or just life which will help to facilitate the soul’s learning.

If you’re ready to blast through the barriers to your happiness and peace of mind, open your heart and connect with your own Akashic Record now.